BP Update

I’m home!! My BP was 3 points lower than Monday so they let me leave. My urine showed just a trace of protein. I go back again on Monday to re-check it again. DH had taken today off in case I didn’t come home or had to spend hours in L&D getting monitored. Since I was released, I got him to do a slew of errands I haven’t been up for this week. I had DH do most of them while I waited in the car but we grabbed lunch out which I haven’t done in weeks. I did go into Target and I think I overdid it. My poor feet.. It’s almost 1am and of course I can’t sleep. I’m in the recliner with the TV on…

I switched to heparin today (from lovenox). What a debacle. I should have just had the MFM’s office send the prescription to the hospital pharmacy as they stock it since there are so many high risk patients on it. But I didn’t because I didn’t want to pay for parking to pick it up. I figured “C VS” was easier. Wrong!! The script was sent on Wednesday. I did not get a call from the pharmacy like I usually get saying it was filled. I called first thing yesterday and was told that they’d gave to order it because they didn’t have the concentration that was requested. The script was for .5ml of 20000units twice a day. I was told shipments come in at 2pm. Since DH and I were out, he ran in to pick it up while I stayed in the car because I was wiped out. After a long wait, DH comes out empty handed. They didn’t get any in the shipment but they faxed the script to another C VS the next town over. DH got a hard copy of the script “just in case”. We drive to the next town (where we had actually just been of course) DH goes inside and eventually comes out. They didn’t get the fax so it will be 30 mins to fill. We did another errand in between and DH does back in at 3:30. At 4:15, he still hasn’t come out and I really needed a bathroom. I finally see him come outside, again empty handed. It turns out they don’t have the 20000 iu concentration either and that the tech who called over from the first store said 10000iu… They were trying to reach my doctor –yeah, it’s 4:30 on a Friday– good luck with that. I wanted the script to just get faxed to the hospital pharmacy but I needed a bathroom first. DH asked inside and they let me use the one in the back of the store. When I came out, the pharmacist says they actually reached my doctor who approved a change to 1ml of 10000iu. Fine. I’ll inject more liquid. Whatever. I’m tired and want to go rest. But they didn’t have the correct gauge of syringe (I wanted insulin needles). I was supposed to get 30 gauge 1/2 inch but they didn’t have them. He said he’d look for 31 gauge– fine, even thinner needle. Great. But he came back with 29 gauge. Whatever. It’s fine. He waived the charge for the prescription because of the entire debacle (my copay is just $10 but I’ll take anything for free).

I went to do the first shot at 9:30 tonight. I’m drawing up the liquid and wondering why there is still so much in the vial and I have no more room in the syringe. Yup, they gave .5ml syringes when I need to inject 1ml!! I can’t believe I didn’t catch that…So I had to inject myself twice. Ummm, that would be 4 times a day!! Nothing I can do about it right now. I don’t know that I’m up for driving myself tomorrow to deal with it (DH is working).. I feel a bit unsafe driving at this stage because my range of motion is very limited.

I keep going back and forth about writing about something else that happened this week. DH called me earlier in the week and said “guess who is pregnant?” I made a few guesses which were wrong so I finally said, just tell me. I have no more guesses. I was shocked at the answer. It’s one of DH’s friends/co-worker and his girlfriend. The thing is, I know she’s several years older than me (he’s a lot younger). My immediate thought was that she has to be 45 (at least) and how is that possible (without donor eggs…) Yeah, yeah I know there are some natural pregnancies at that age but come on, it’s rare. But I didn’t think they would have used donor eggs. My reasons for that assumption is first that they aren’t married and the second being the cost factor. Even though a natural pregnancy “shouldn’t” annoy me at this point where I’m almost to single digits days to give birth, it did annoy me! It shouldn’t because if I had ever had a natural pregnancy, I wouldn’t be getting the babies I’m about to get and I want these specific babies. These are the babies that were meant for me to raise. But it still is frustrating to hear a story of someone you know who isn’t even trying to get pregnant and having one at an age that 98% of women can’t….

Fast forward to today when we were at lunch. Another guy that DH knows stopped in the same place. I haven’t seen him in many months and am quite obviously pregnant. So of course we talked about it. The conversation turns to this other couple and he says “do you know the story behind it?” I’m nosy as hell and said no, what the story? Turns out this couple did “plan” the pregnancy and tried to do IVF but was told no because of her age. And, drum roll, they traveled out of the country for treatment. I’m not sure the other guy “understood” what this meant but I know it means they used DE! I had a vague memory of a post on FB where they were out of the country and DH agreed with me that they went to a country that I know is well known for DE… It also made sense in terns of the cost factor as DE is much less expensive abroad than in the states. I feel so much better knowing this info. It’s trite and juvenile but it makes me feel better…

Guess that’s it for right now..


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I'm a frustrated infertile living in a child-centric world.
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2 Responses to BP Update

  1. ELF4321 says:

    Glad to hear you are doing well. I don’t think the IF instincts/feelings ever completely go away. Totally normal when something becomes a part of your life journey for so long. Wishing you all the best in the last days of your pregnancy and the transition to motherhood.

  2. Jen says:

    Best of luck for a good apt today šŸ™‚

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