Induction Begins Tomorrow (hopefully)…

I hope this is my last post before I’m announcing my baby girls’ arrival!! I saw the MFM yesterday and had my last BPP. The girls were fine on the BPP–Baby A is still head down and low. Baby B is still breech and shoved in a corner on my right side. Baby A is taking up her space! My MFM finally did a cervical check and I’m not dilated at all… In fact, he did this evil sort of laugh saying to be prepared for the induction to take a “few” days.. (Part of that was also for DH’s benefit who thinks an induction takes 15 mins…)

My BP returned to normal at 112/74. I have no signs of labor even after the rough cervical check. By the way, holy hell, those hurt! How on earth am I pushing two babies out of my vag??? The MFM also warned me that it’s possible that I get a call bumping me from tomorrow if too many women are in active labor since I’m deemed “elective”.. How on earth I’m elective at 38 + 1 with twins is beyond me. When I first saw the doctor yesterday I said “Get these babies out of me”! As others have pointed out, the infertile in us wants nothing more than the embryos to stick and how ironic it is to make it to the very end and beg for them to be taken out!

Right now, the plan is to register at the hospital at 4pm tomorrow. 25 hours! I’m guessing the girls won’t be born until Friday…


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I'm a frustrated infertile living in a child-centric world.
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6 Responses to Induction Begins Tomorrow (hopefully)…

  1. Megan says:

    So excited for you!!! You’ve done so great growing them this long! Best wishes for tomorrow and for an easy induction πŸ™‚

  2. Kasey says:

    Wishing you the smoothest, easiest induction ever! You deserve it πŸ™‚

  3. Janet says:

    Congrats and Goodluck! It seems like just yesterday you were about to throw the towel in and quite trying. So glad you keep going! Can’t wait to hear about the delivery.

  4. JK says:

    I second what Kasey said. Good luck and enjoy every minute of the amazing experience you are about to have!

  5. Isabelle says:

    Yay! Thinking of you and hope to see very good news very soon!

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